Connect Groups!

Beginning May 9th:

Sharing Jesus Without Fear – led by Sean Lee

This class will challenge you to be obedient to the Lord’s command to go and make disciples. We will concentrate on how to share our faith in Jesus Christ. Meeting in Sanctuary at 6 pm, Sunday, May 9th.

Hiking – led by Ben Allen

Meeting in Old Fellowship Hall, 4 pm on Sunday, May 9th before heading to hike location.

Proverbs; Song of Songs Bible Study

Brother Wm. Paul Phillips will teach biblical principles that lead to life application found in Proverbs and Song of Solomon. Meeting in New Mixed Classroom at 6 pm, Sunday, May 9th.

Walking at Oneida City Park – led by Jessica Chambers

Meet at the park beginning Sunday, May 9th at 7:15 PM.

Family Fellowship group – led by John & Lisa Kallevig

Get to know your church family better and invite unchurched families so they can know Jesus better. We will meet Sunday evenings to share a meal and do an activity. Activities change weekly and include outdoor games, community scavenger hunt, movie night, board games, bonfire, etc.. All ages welcome, but we ask that children under age 12 have an adult with them. We will start May 9 at 6:00 at the gazebo in Oneida City Park. It will be a potluck (utensils provided) so bring a dish to share with a serving spoon, some friends and your favorite lawn games.

Beginning May 16th:

Painting: Come discover your inner artist

This painting class is going to be a step by step guided class focusing on landscape, flowers, and nature themes. Each person will have their own canvas and supplies and projects will be beginner level. We will start and finish a new canvas each week. We will meet Sunday, May 16th, during regular Sunday evening church time from 6pm to 7pm, in Old Fellowship Hall. I ask that if any child under 10 is interested, please bring an adult to help you.
Please contact Kasey Sexton if you have any questions.

40 Days Through Daniel: Revealing God’s Plan for the Future – led by Mike Baker

This study focuses on prophecy in Daniel. Meeting in Fishers for the Kingdom classroom, 6 pm on Sunday May 16th

Growing in Grace

Becoming the Woman God Wants You to Be
An 8 Session study of Proverbs 31
This study focuses on young women in their various roles as wives, mothers and/or in their careers in the world today. All women are invited to attend, all for the glory of God.
Join us Sunday Evenings at 6 pm beginning May 16 in the Esther Classroom. Led by Jenny Martin and Kathi Hall
Activities available for your children during class
Nursery will be provided.

Motorcycle riding – led by Robby Burress

First trip to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiarymeeting at 3:00 pm Sunday, May 16th in South Parking lot

Fun in the Kitchen – led by Rhonda Laxton

Fun in the Kitchen will be just that, fun in the kitchen. We will do a variety of things from tie-dye pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, cobblers, and burritos.
We might also take class requests for our cooking sessions.
During our final session we will prepare a meal of stuffed pasta shells, garlic cheddar cheese biscuits, and Caesar salads. Most of all we will have fun fellowshipping together and asking others to join us!