Online Only Services – May 31, 2020

This week’s services will be online only again.  Messages have been scheduled on YouTube and Facebook as they have in previous weeks.  We appreciate everyone’s faithfulness in these times to worship with us online!  
Currently, we plan to reopen for Sunday morning services on May 31st.  This will be for morning services only and no Sunday School or children’s programs will be planned for now.  More information to come as plans are made!
New links will post here and on Facebook just before regular services times.


Virtual Sunday School – May 3, 2020

Think back to when you were a kid. When the time came to choose players for kickball, how quickly were you picked? Were you one of the first or were you one of the last to be picked? All of us want to be included. The good news is God includes all who come to Him in faith. Paul reminded his readers that salvation through faith in Jesus is available to everyone.

Read Romans 11:17-32 in your Bible and the comments for session 10 in your Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide. Think about how your relationship with Jesus affects how you view others.



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