Online Services for Week of April 5, 2020

FBC services will be online only again this week.  Please continue to stay safe and pray for our country during this time.  Share the links below with others so they might enjoy also.  A big thank you to everyone who is working to make these services possible!
We had a great response each week and the audience continues to grow with over 380 people viewing a service online!
New links will post here and on Facebook at services times to the recordings.


Virtual Sunday School

Maybe we can’t all meet together, but we can still pray and study his word together in spirit.  May this lesson encourage you this week!
We live with a basic understanding of “cause and effect.” With everything we see or experience we tend to look for some type of cause. Paul followed a similar line of logic as he walked his Roman readers through the reality of salvation and the Christian life. Sin has an effect and so does faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus produces true peace.
Read Romans 5:1-11 in your Bible and the comments for session 5 in your Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide. Look for the connection between peace, hope, and grace.
Follow along with the video lesson here: 



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