Virtual Sunday School – May 31, 2020

Session 14: Reach
Core Passage: Romans 15:14-21,30-33
Why might a believer take a lone ranger approach to sharing the gospel with others? What are the dangers of failing to invite others to be part of sharing the gospel? The sharing of the gospel requires a team effort, and Paul reminded the Roman believers of this in the closing section of the letter. Read Romans 15:14-21 and 30-33 in your Bible and the comments for session 14 in your Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide. Compare your prayers to the prayer offered by Paul in this passage. How can you adjust your prayers to reflect a priority in sharing Jesus with others?


Join us for Morning Worship – Sunday May 31, 2020

We’ll be back in the sanctuary this week for Sunday morning worship.  There will be a few changes however.  We can’t wait to see everyone and worship together again.  Please be mindful of social distancing as we all do our best to be together in a safe manner for everyone.

For the 11 AM Worship Service:

  • Only the front door and the two side foyer doors will be open
  • Temperatures will be taken at the doors
  • The ushers will open doors and seat everyone
  • Social distancing requests:
    •  You can wear facemasks if you choose to  
    • Facemasks are available if you want to wear one but don’t have one
    • Pews have been taped in six (6) feet increments
  • Ushers will have offering plates available at the doors as you exit
The service will be live-streamed on YouTube for those that can’t join us. Check out our channel and Facebook for links at 11am.
As a reminder, there will not be any Sunday School, Children’s groups, or Sunday evening services for now.



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