Virtual Sunday School – May 17, 2020

Explore the Bible Adults, May 17: Citizens, Romans 13:1-14

Our view of the government often depends on our current circumstances. Paul dealt with the believer’s relationship to governing authorities. He called for submission to authority, balancing government’s God-given right to rule with our submission to God, who alone holds absolute authority. Focus on Romans 13:1-14 and 9-18 in your Bible and the comments for session 12 in your Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide. Consider ways believers should seek to represent Christ well in their communities and world.

Video by Travis Biller Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Elizabethton:


Wedding of Paige Ellis & Dusty Thompson

Howard Ellis, Scarlett Ellis, Aaron Thompson and Nicole Thompson cordially invite you to the wedding of their children, Dusty Thompson and Paige Ellis, on Saturday May 23, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

The wedding will be held in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, Oneida, Tennessee.
Reception to follow in the First Baptist Church Fellowship Building.



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