Virtual Sunday School – April 26, 2020

People try all kinds of things to be right with God. In some cultures, sacrifices are offered to appease the gods. People bathe in sacred rivers and meditate on sacred mountains. Others bow down before statues and burn incense. Paul answered this age-old question. Salvation is available only to those who call upon Jesus. Our salvation is rooted in the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus and available only through His completed work on the cross. In this week’s lesson, we’ll discover that salvation has always been granted through faith.

Read Romans 10:5-15 in your Bible and the comments for session 9 in your Explore the Bible Personal Study Guide or Daily Discipleship Guide. Reflect on God’s grace shown in making salvation available in Christ through faith alone.  


Online Only Services for the April 26, 2020

FBC services will be online only again this week.  Pray for guidance as the state and country begin to make plans for ending the current restrictions.  Leaders at all levels need wisdom and discernment, and we know the best source for that!
Any plans for our church will be published on the website and Facebook in advance.
New links will post here and on Facebook just before regular services times.



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